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Last night Marina and the Diamonds wows in Hasan Hejazi at the Playboy Club! Despite only graduating in 2010 from the London College of Fashion, Hasan Hejazi has already managed to create himself the ultimate fashion platform. Designing mesmerising masterpieces for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Jessie J and Cheryl Cole, the Mancunian designer isn’t short of celebrities that want to get their hands on his work.

Last night at Baroque in the Playboy Club, Mayfair, VIP guests were invited for a truly memorable evening that celebrated everything “Hejazi”. Inspired by Baroque, the venue that opened back in September was the perfect backdrop for Hasan to present his new collection. Combining the theme of the club with an idea of creating something both couture and sumptuous, Hasan had designed two dresses especially for the evening.

The venue itself couldn’t have been a better choice. Lush and luxurious décor favouring the historic era was flawless and also included a red curtained performance area that was awaiting an exclusive performance. Signature “bunny” girls provided a classy touch to waitressing and were a subtle reminder of the location of the somewhat prestigious event.

Known for being best friends, Marina Diamandis, aka Marina and the Diamonds, was the model of choice for Hasan’s beautiful work. In an exclusive performance, Marina appeared with her band in the first of the stunning dresses, singing a collection of her songs including Bubblegum Bitch, Primadonna and Homewrecker. The dress itself was a beautiful shade of crushed red that glimmered a hint of traditional style in the spotlight. The floor-length gown with trailing back featured a sexy body corset and black embroidery that had been implemented by specialists at Hawthorne and Heaney. Marina’s hourglass figure complemented the design of the dress with precision.

Guests were also treated to an exclusive performance of a new song, How To Be A Heartbreaker, which is an exciting take on a more modern Marina style.

As Marina appeared in a second dress, Hejazi’s flawless couture style was impeccable. Following a similar corset design, a shorter, dark blue dress featured pastel coloured detailing in true Baroque style. Floaty and fabulous, Marina modelled the number with nude shoes, putting emphasis on the intricate embroidery and beautiful colour palette.

After meeting Hasan himself, we completely understand how he has managed his success to date. His down-to-earth personality shone through making his evening nothing but a success. We know without a doubt, the future in Hejazi world is a very exciting one, and we simply cannot wait.

Kellie Griffiths

Photos: Marli Lawrence











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