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As festival season in the US creeps up, they have music on their minds — and one of the performers who we can't wait to see rock the concert circuit is Marina Lambrini Diamandis of Marina and the Diamonds. If you don't know Marina, you need to plug in your headphones and start streaming her on Spotify ASAP. She's the voice behind hits like "How to Be a Heartbreaker" (which was covered on Glee) and "Primadonna." We're not only fans of her indie-pop sound but also her edgy style. The Welsh singer-songwriter is known for her retro cat eyeliner and Old Hollywood waves paired with girlish bows and bold-red lipstick.

Perhaps that's why Boots No7, Duane Reade, and Walgreens tapped her to perform at a downtown NYC shop this week. Marina helped the brands celebrate a new shopping experience, and we were there to quiz her on all things beauty. Keep reading to discover a smudge-proof red lipstick, an easy music festival hair idea, and the prime hour to moisturise your skin.

Marina's Take on Retro Beauty

The star likes to look into the past to pull makeup inspiration — she's particularly partial to the '70s. "I enjoy referencing old looks but updating them in a modern way," she explained. "For example, I will team a neon flicker eyeliner or a neon eye shadow with very natural, voluminous '70s hair."

When it comes to creating a cat eye, she opts for Alexa Chung's chosen liner — the Eyeko Eye Do Lash Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner ($28). "You have to look at the shape of your eye and follow that to achieve a cat eye that's actually going to look good on you," she advised.

Marina's Stage-Ready Red Lipstick

When it comes to rocking a red lip, Marina opts for Lime Crime Velvetine Matte Lipstick ($28). "It's called a cream lip stain, and it's absolutely incredible," she gushed. "It's the best red lip I've ever found. Red lips can come off and look messy, and this is the only one that I've found that actually stays put."

Marina's Mantra: Put a Bow on It

When it comes to attending music festivals, Marina recommends keeping it simple with a lot of sunscreen and a matte red lip. But she takes more chances with her hair.

"I did a shoot the other day in London, and we were using like neon ribbons tied in our hair," she said. "So, it's not like a bow or anything. You just tie it around a strand of hair and leave some of it trailing — and it looks really good! So that's what I'm going to be doing."

To complement the accessory, she suggests a natural beach wave.

Marina's Beauty Crush

When asked who inspires her beauty look, Marina cited Liz Taylor. "I can identify with her," she explained. "She's brunette, and she's very curvy."

Marina's Take on Beauty Diversity

According to Marina, the face of beauty is changing and becoming more accepting. "Makeup brands aren't afraid to show variety, so it's not just one person's [vision of] beauty," she theorized. "But they show crossover sections, so whether you're 16 or 60, you can still be considered attractive, interesting, and beautiful. We're in quite a healthy spot in terms of progressing that way."

Marina's Skincare Regime

To cleanse her skin between performances, Marina relies on the Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask twice a week. "It’s like a resurfacer," she enthused.

She also makes sure to take off her makeup every night and follows with argan oil in the morning. "I don't moisturise at night. I only moisturise in the morning," she said. "It's not good to moisturise at night because that's the only time your skin has a proper chance to breathe without being exposed to dirt and pollution."

Marina's Boots No7 Connection

"There was one in my hometown, which was very small, called Abergavenny that's in South Wales," she said of her first introduction to the brand. "It was actually our only cosmetics store, so that's where I used to go get my makeup." She loves the Boots Botanics collection and notes a clear mascara and natural lip balm as her favourite products.











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